Saturday, January 19, 2008

Humanity 2.0

Jeffrey Skoll (born January 16, 1965) was the first president and second employee of Internet auction firm eBay, 43 years old a few days ago, and a fortune worthing more than $4 Billion.

If you already knew this it's probable that you'll imagine that HUMANITY 2.0 is about nothing more than a speech on how technology and Internet may transform future generations. If you are also a StarTrek fan, it wouldn't take you so long to picture Humanity 2.0 as explorers of the Universe fighting against the borg interconnected and super technological society...

But no, actually reality may be more surprising than fiction (as long in our society, find out that a successful person decided to use his wealth to become a philanthropist, may be a surprising fact...).

Seeing this speech, there were different things that touched me. For instance, before this, I never would think that Hollywood movie production and Silicon Valley may have something in common (except Spielberg's special effects). Instead
, there is a successful movie production company founded by ex Silicon Valley man. And that's not all, as strange as it may sound, this media company WAS FOUND TO PROMOTE SOCIAL VALUABLE MOVIES, and it's also profitable! Well as you can imagine, this kind of activity cannot be successful by itself, lucky for them that out there 2.0 Heroes are writing the history just because they believe that a peaceful and wealthy world is not just future fantasy but future reality!

I am a father, that caused me lots of happiness and also faced me with some new kind of worries: how the world it's going to be when my little boy will be a grown up?

Suddenly, while I was watching this, that beautiful future i've put all my hopes into, seamed to me a lot more closer (and in the same time I became much older, but this another story...). So, if we are going to do something about the future of our sons NOW it's a good time to start.

Enough talk from me, let's see Jeff ...

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