Thursday, January 24, 2008

The dream of Kamkwamba

I do not know how people became fascinated reading day after day that same old news from allover in the world: governments and stock markets going up and down, people fighting against other people, planet dieing and our leaders don't caring...

Lately if got used, first thing in the morning, to read some more positive news, Usually is about one person or a small group who has done or has discovered something wonderful that could make a difference for us all. Somehow things like this make me start the day in a better positive mood.

Today let's take a look at this very popular short video from TED:
If you believed clean energy is just a problem of the powerful nations, that energy cost too much or that to produce energy may require advanced skills and technology you are taking too much things for granted...

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And don't know how, but i felt like out there in Malawi I have an unknown friend...

No, I'm not kidding, this is serious stuff, it's about the dream of an entire nation: here you may find more information about William project including a video from Wall Streat Journal showing the third windmill in action and a link to donate to help William and his projects.

Goodluck William and keep going!

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