Monday, January 14, 2008

Underwater astonishments

When humanity entered the third millennium somehow we start to think that we’ve seen all that is to be seen, we discovered all that is not very hidden inside, we’ve been able to explain all that is to be explain all that simple things around us.

After looking deep inside the nature of things, as far as to fully understand human DNA, seams that nothing can amaze us anymore except starting in a new scientific journey of improve mother nature work by genetic manipulation.

And in the same time when humanity takes it’s firsts steps on this road, somewhere else in the world, someone brings out a new facet of the Nature that was al the time in front of our eyes and we only can agree how just amazing this new old things is. And in the same time it seams that we are so far away from fully understanding the Mistery of live…

This is just an example...

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