Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Explore... your inspiration

A few days ago, during a kickoff, the concept of challenge was very discussed as opposed to the mere high objectives one may have. Although some very good definition and examples were given, I felt something was missing from what it was proposed as to be the next challenge. The way I would describe my own challenges at work it would be with no little difference, so I kept asking myself: why, what am I missing from all this?

Yesterday night, I was tired and somehow feeling empty. I then opened TED homepage and i listen to the following speech...

I felt most inspired. Yes, these all are real challenges. Seeing the images from the caves I felt the thrill of a Mystery Touch. It is clear to me that for Bill Stone exploring the unknown it’s not a self set high objective but it’s responding to a higher call (caves, moon, space...). Going to the moon is not a challenge about making profit from space mining operations. Instead the challenge is how using passion to apply experience from cave diving to space exploration; it's all about HOW it's going to do it, about finding othe bold and passionate people ready to risk their lives into this.
As they say in some bmw commercials: “Sometimes is not important where you go but how you get there”.

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